The Flatulent Pumpkin started as a dinner time story. We were sitting around the table talking and I created a joke which made the family laugh. I never imagined becoming an author. I've spent my professional career writing reports, briefs, memos and emails. However, my family insisted I write this story because a flatulent pumpkin caused a giggle fest in our home, and the children wanted me to share it. So I followed the command and wrote this funny story about a magical flatulent pumpkin.

Unlike most stories with flatulence, I didn't write anything crude, offensive or disgusting. After all, we all know that one trick pony. When I tell stories, I used the opportunity as a teaching moment to entertain, educate and enlighten children and adults.  

The story demonstrates how people respond to an unknown situation, how people care for one another and how they are able to work together. This is one of life's greatest lessons; you must approach life with an open mind and a sense of humor. Life is meant for us to be happy and isn't laughter the best way to show an appreciation for those you loved.

I hope you will enjoy reading this story and receive tons of laughter along the way.

"Tom read the Flatulent Pumpkin to Bekah's third grade class today. It was a big hit!" 
Check out the fabulous illustrations in The Flatulent Pumpkin Series - Click the images to enlarge.

Rodney Evans was born September 11, 1966 in Gulfport, MS. He enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 1987 and earned a B.S. in Finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Rodney later was commissioned as a reserve officer in 1995. However, 9/11 changed his professional direction and Rodney went from civilian professional to full time solider instantly.

Rodney now pursues writing. He is the author of The Flatulent Pumpkin Series, a humorous 'How To' Collection for young readers on building their courage and solving their problems.  Rodney wanted teach his children about character, courage, discipline and the warrior within. So he used his storytelling skillsat dinnertime to teach life choices with humor and laughter.

Rodney is a strong advocate for reading and children's issues. Rodney completed 11 years of active duty service. He currently resides in Winchester, VA with his wonderful wife, children and dog, Buddy.
"If you would like to see children laughing out of control you better grab your copy of Tales of the Flatulent Pumpkin. As a children's reading specialist and educator I can tell you this is `kid humor' at its finest! Trust me on this one, children will want to read this one over and over again."  ~Lorraine Carey, Bestselling Author, Jonathan's Locket and Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn

"... encourages strong character building messages for children who will undoubtedly love reading this story! As a parent of two children, and a teacher I cannot stress how important it is to constantly provide examples in life of HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think, and this adorable story does it- reminding readers that differences are to be celebrated because they make each one us beautiful!"  ~LoveChildren'sBooks

"A wonderful story starring the loveable characters in small town USA. It has a perfect blend of magic, fun, and skilled story telling for reading to younger kids and for older kids to enjoy as well."  ~ Gary Wein

"This is a must read for all kids. The lesson on being courageous is presented with great humor. If you want your kid to overcome fear,this book is very helpful in doing so."  ~  Valdean

"Once again the town of Darlinia has gone crazy! Seems Jeremiah Johnson’s magic farting pumpkin is up to more antics with a giant plucked chicken flying about town. To make matters worse little chickens seem to be coming from out of nowhere. Everyone is terrified of this new batch of ‘zombie chickens’. This would be a perfect read for ages six to ten."  ~Lorraine Carey